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About the Wellness Initiative in Social Ecology


About WISE and Our Mission

The idea stemmed from a growing need for wellness and mental health services as counseling services are not fully able to meet the need both in terms of quantity and variety of services. 

The Wellness Initiative in Social Ecology (WISE) is a new and rising wellness resource for the UCI community after recognizing the greater need for more mental health and wellness resources and an appreciation that counseling services aren't fully able to meet the need both in terms of quantity and variety of services. We aim to improve and expand upon mental and behavioral health and wellness programming services for the UCI School of Social Ecology students while complementing ongoing campus efforts. By doing so, we hope to address gaps in current existing resources available to students, including avenues that may be indirectly related to mental health and well-being.

One major project of WISE is the Wellness Initiative in Social Ecology Peer Advisory Collective (WISE PAC): a student-led, student-driven team of individuals within the School of Social Ecology who represent diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, lived experience, ability, and socioeconomic status. All members are driven and passionate people, who want to create real change in wellness and mental health in the UC Irvine community.

As a team, we aim to destigmatize mental illnesses and increase access to mental health uses and resources. As we continue to expand, we hope to have our efforts reach more to not just the students of UCI, but also the community of Orange County.  

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The WISE Peer Advisory Collective

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